About Us


Our Mission

Since early 2013  Deluxe Car Care has been selling the latest in car car products. Our philosophy begins with our customers: provide the BEST in customer service and the rest will follow. With an ever expanding range of top quality products in our arsenal, Deluxe Car Care is quickly becoming your one-stop shop for all your car care needs.


At Deluxe Car Care Customer Satisfaction is Paramount

We at  Deluxe Car Care  pride ourselves on our customer service. Not a thing to be taken lightly, through diligent customer service we gain the trust of people who eventually become our customers. This is key to us and the rest will follow.

We love going to car shows throughout the country and meeting current and new customers.

As is always the case, you will see Vic working on the show field teaching people about a less messy, less harmful to the environment, quicker and more cost effective way to keep any vehicle clean.

​Please stop by and say hi! You can see where the road show takes us by clicking here.


Eco-Friendly Products

All of the  Deluxe Car Care products are environment friendly. Polymer and water based, there is no silicone, no petroleum distillates and no VOCs in any of our  Deluxe Car Care products. As our environment is more and more placed at risk, we at  Deluxe Car Care feel it is our responsibility to provide better options for people to use while keeping their investments looking their best. 

More than 60% of today’s water pollution comes from litter and from runoff from farms, lawns and washing our cars in the driveway or street. About 75% of cars in America are washed at least once a year at home. 

The traditional silicone and petroleum laden soaps used to wash our vehicles, when rinsed off, wind up in our storm drains. 

The water from these drains is not treated and directly impacts aquatic life in streams, ponds, lakes, rivers and even the ocean. Whether it is cleaning a car, truck, RV, boat or motorcycle, you can rest assured that by using  Deluxe Car Care products (all of which are waterless, one of which uses merely one gallon of water) you are doing your part to minimize the impact your car washing has on the environment. 

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